[Advaita-l] Is enlightenment a myth?

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Suresh - PraNAms

It is not experience as in triad but recognition of ever present self that illuminating all experiences. The statement that says Shruti, yukti and anubhava, the scriptures, logic and analysis of the experience of three states (waking, dream and deep sleep states) or avasthaatrayam are used to recognize that I am that turiiyam that scriptures point out. That recognition is figuratively called anubhava since I recognize my own presence in  all the experiences that I encounter

In essence it is a clear knowledge of one self by dropping the wrong understanding of oneself - for that only we need a mind that is free from all attachments to non-self since the very attachments give reality to the non-self. Hence sadhana in term of karma yoga and upasana yoga are required for the mind to be free or almost free from these attachments. Hence sadhana is not for realization but for purification and is essential for jnaanam, similar  to per-requisites to gain any knowledge. 

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 So what exactly is this
 enlightenment, and why do people speak of it in 
 terms of experience (which implies duality)?

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