[Advaita-l] Q on Laghunyasam

Prasad Bal forprasad at gmail.com
Mon Jan 27 17:57:26 CST 2014

I have heard a few variations of Laghunyasam of Rudram. An older Chinmaya
Mission version has a couple of verses that I have not seen listed in any
book that I have.
After: antas tishTas tvamritasya gopA.h

there is the following (as best as I could make out):
ArAdhito manuSh-yaistu digdhair devA surAdhibhi.h
ArAdhayAmi bhaktyA-tvA nugrthANa mahezwara

I would like some help in getting the exact text of the above, plus the


"They alone live who live for others, the rest are more dead than alive." -
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sadA shiva samArambhAm shankarAchArya madhyamAm asmad-AchArya paryantAm
vande guru paramparAm.
"Beginning with ParameshwarA, through Adi shankarA in the middle, to my
current guru, I bow in reverence to the guru-shishya tradition."

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