[Advaita-l] svapna karma - real phala ??

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Tue Jan 28 06:58:45 CST 2014


Due to the kAma-vAsana & prakOpa in swapna, the rEtaH-skhalana occurs 
in jAgrat avastha. This is a dosha. After snAna, one must perform 
Achamana and arghya to sUrya for dosha nivAraNa.

If one meditates before going to sleep, these doshas wouldn't occur.  

These sort of dreams also generally come to people who are instensely 
doing sAdhana.  Sadhakas often become depressed owing to these sort 
of dreams because there is every danger that one may start hating oneself.

That is why food habits should be regulated and tAmasik stuff should be 
avoided.  One should avoid outside food which is cooked by people of
bad character which leads to rEtah-skhalana as it is called "parAnna-dosha".

The intake of food should be extremely pure and the sAdhakAs should
take extreme care in this matter.  After the food is cooked, let it be 
offered to dEvatAs and later it should be taken.  Thus, it becomes prasAda
which gives purity of mind.


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