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So, this dosha does not pertain to Grihastaashramis?

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> Namaste,
> ............
> Can you shed light on why retah skhalana is considered a dosha?
> ...........
> swapnE siktA brahmachArI dwija sukramakAmataH
> snAtvA arkaM archayitvA triH punarmAmitya richaM japEt
> The technical term for this dosha is called "swapna-dosha".
> One should get up early in the morning and after head bath
> with cold water, worshiping the sun, should chant this mantra thrice:
> punarmAm A-etu indriyam punarAyuḥ punar bhagaH
> punar draviNaM A-etu mAm punar brAhmaNaM A-etu mAm
> For sAdhakAs, the vIrya-rakSaNa is very important because it is this vIrya
> which
> gets converted into Ojas shakti.
> In tAntrika terminology, the skhalana is called "bindu-patana".  It is this
> vIrya which gets converted into amrita in sahasrAra chakra.  The yogi who
> is
> capable of holding the vIrya and taking it to sahasrAra chakra is called
> "Urdhwa-rEtaH".
> During the shaT-chakra bhEdana, it is this "amrita" which trickles down
> from
> sahasrAra chakra and gives tripti and puSTi to 72000 subtle nerves.
> maraNaM bindupAtEna jIvanaM bindudhAraNAt
> tasmAt atipraytnEna kurutE bindudhAraNaM
> The virya-skhalana (bindu patana) is equivalent to death and
> it's protection is life and hence one must protect the bindu with
> extreme care.
> chittayuktaM nruNAM shukraM shukrAyatta cha jIvitaM
> tasmAt shukraM manaschaiva rakSaNIyaM prayatnataH
> The vIrya is under the control of mind; the life is under the control of
> vIrya.  Hence, mind and vIrya should be well-regulated, controlled and
> protected.
> "yAvat binduH sthirO dEhE tAvatkAlaM bhayaM kutaH"
> ie.,so long as vIrya (bindu) is safe in the body, there is no fear.
> The sanyAsis in AmnAya pITAs, especially, in Sringeri which
> insists on sanyAsa sweekAra right after brahmacharya vrata
> have strict rules of bindu-rakSaNa. They have some secret
> upAsanAs for madana-kSObha-nivAraNa. One such i have
> heard is taking of decoction prepared with tulasi seeds & leaves called
> "tulasi-kashAyam".
> More can be revealed but this is not the forum to discuss
> these issues.
> regs,
> sriram
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