[Advaita-l] Meeting in Srikalahasti

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Thank you for this information

Whatever be the divine / medicinal qualities associated with the panchAyatana shilAs,
i see in Acharya Sankara a great unifying force who had a vision of bhArat mAta.

sAlagrAva (ma) shila - from north
naramada shila - from west
swarNa mAshika shila / sOnabhadra- from east
sphaTika shila - from south

A complete set of these 5 shilAs, should remind us of our glorious puNya bhUmi ie.,
bhArata mAta.  Apart from this introduction of 5 shilAs, Acharya established 4 AmnAya mutts in 4 corners of bhArata.  

Who can be more magnanimous and broad-minded that our beloved acharya sankara
who had a great unified vision & mission of "vasudhaika kutumbakam".  

The one and only one force (i would coin sankara bhagavatpada as a mighty force) who dared to think
beyond the sectarianism and religious bigotry. Advaita siddhAnta is the only solution to the mankind which can unify the hindus again.

vandE guruM shankaraM


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