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In the Uttarakanda of Ramayana we find a verse, which shows that in the Dwapara yuga a Shudra iwas not permitted to perform certain acts (hinting at Vedic rituals / recitals) and that means this is permitted in the Kali yuga. For the Vedic rituals, one has to follow  the Veda-achara definitely but the Lokaachara may differ from place tp place. We have to determine which are the Lokaacharas and which are the Vedaacharas.

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Americans are now chanting Rudram in White House.


This is good news. But questions -

How can they chant and listen wearing pants and shoes? If I have to say
Rudram I have to wash hands and feet, wear Panche and remove shirt, put
Tripundra but why no such rule in America? They teach Vedas to people in
pants and shoes?

Second question. How are we sure they have done Upanayana before learning
Vedas? Are they wearing Yajnopavita? If they are wearing Yajnopavita how
did they become Dvijas, being born in Mlechcha race? Who converted them?
Does our Sastras allows conversion of Mleccha Jati to Dvija?


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