[Advaita-l] Rudram Chanting in White House

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Tue Oct 14 00:06:51 CDT 2014

We have to determine which are the Lokaacharas and which are the Vedaacharas.

Hare Krishna

Can we say, to determine what exactly is  lokAchAra and what is vedAchAra, desha, kAla, social atmosphere etc. are determining factors??  Are we to be more flexible, accommodative and conceding in the name of lokAchAra when it comes to strict observance of vedAchAra??  Why to go to white house, even here in Bangalore ( where I stay) during rudrAbhishekaM, mantra pushpaM etc. people who have come to attend these functions, are wearing pants and shirts (if not shoes) would join us (ritwiks) in recitation of veda mantra, if these mantra-s are familiar to them and if they know some mantra-s by heart.  Since chanting mantra-s, praying, doing bhajans etc. are only for the purification of the mind and dress-code hardly matters due to different desha -kAla, lokAchAra etc. should we ignore the violation of these basic  vedic vidhi vidhAna ??  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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