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Namaste Animetesh,

Thanks for your comment.
My question was not what attracted you to the specific suukta but you you could elaborate and/or comment on the "Significance" (viniyoga associated with this composition).

saunka syas in bRihaddevataa -
aviditvaa R^iShiM chha.ndo devataaM yogameva ca |
yo.adhyaapayejjapedvapi paapiyaajjaayate tusaH || 

yena yenaarthaMmR^iShiNaa yadarthaM devataaH stutaaH ||
sa sa kaamaH samR^iddhishca teShaaM teShaaM tathaa tathaa || R^igvidhaana 1\.11||

Meaning - If one practices ##mantra japa## with the same original intended desire with which sage had praised the specific ##devataa## then he succeeds with the expected outcome.##

Just something reflect upon

Dr Yadu

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SrI mAtre namah 


The vAdhUla sutra is one of the oldest yajurvedic sutra with uniqueness and peculiarities.
It's uniqueness and rarity attracted me.

It have a unique narration style .

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