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In the Gita The Lord says that deeds done according to ones swadharma even if it is attendant with defects is better than a perfectly done deed of para dharma .Paradharmo Bhayavaha :.So the poster 's view point is that defective rendering by a person who by his swadharma  has acquired a right to chant etc the Vedic mantras will not amount to a sin.But his swadharma will compel him to correct his wrong recitals sooner or later.R.Krishnamoorthy.

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>> For the Mleccha his Swadharma is not Veda Chanting. It is Para Dharma for
>> him. For Dvijas the Swadharma is Veda Adhyayana. If a Brahmin is chanting
>> not very correctly also it is still his Swadharma and it will protect him.
>> But if the Mleccha is studying Veda and even becomes an expert also the
>> Veda will not protect him. It is better for him to give up the Veda
>> learning and continue his Mleccha nature.
> I would request you not to use the word Mleccha here. It carries a connotation
> of being barbaric and is very pejorative in its intention. I think we can make our
> point without calling anybody any names.
> Anyway, the issue is that the said non-brAhmaNa-s are not on this list and not
> involved with this discussion about svadharma and paradharma. Whom does
> it benefit, for us here on this list, to be debating this? How are you going to
> convey this thinking about sva- and para- dharma to those two young boys?
> And how are you going to convey this to those non-Mleccha-s who taught veda
> recitation to them? They are not on this list either!
> It seems to me that we would do better to worry a about us losing sight of our
> svadharma a lot more than about someone else taking up a paradharma. Not
> many on this list can claim that we have always kept scrupulously away from
> para-dharma ourselves.
>> I have also heard many Brahmin priests saying Mantras carelessly but still
>> they are following Swadharma only. I am not saying let them chant with
>> mistakes. But they should try to improve.
> Absolutely, agreed. And if the sight of two Americans chanting reasonably
> well shames some of us into doing a better job with our svadharma, so be it.
> We need to set our own house in order, before talking about others' houses. Best regards,Vidyasankar                         
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