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The dress maketh the man is a saying.Dress does play a part in performance of rituals.So while chanting SriRudram if one observes a dress code it is better.But it may not be possible at all times and so the arguments like lokachara etc.Better leave it to the independent decision of the reciter.One more thing ,Iam a reciter of Sri Rudram on all Mondays with a few exceptions.I have not come across anybody telling me to follow a dress code except that a Pancha kacham for married people. Rudraksham etc are not insisted.R.Krishnamoorthy.

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> On 14-Oct-2014, at 1:50 am, Ajit Krishnan via Advaita-l <advaita-l at lists.advaita-vedanta.org> wrote:
> namaste,
>> I find that various qualities of their recitation
>> are better than average
> Though there are clear errors, I have to agree.
>> although perhaps lax in terms of adherence to the
>> other niyama-s expected in our tradition.
> When it comes to traditional vedanta instruction, we find many who start
> learning vedanta without having made meaningful progress in the sAdhana
> chatuShTaya. It's a virtual certainty that many who attend regular lectures
> do so without having completed their nitya karma. In many cases the hope is
> that the student will start with an intellectual understanding which will
> blossom into true understanding later, as one becomes more serious with the
> requisite sadhana.
> I don't see why the instruction of veda mantras is materially different.
> Just like the gauNa vedAnta student, the gauNa veda student can only hope
> for basic familiarity with veda mantras without adherence to at least some
> of the yamas and niyamas.
> At the end of the day, there are quite a few similarities in the state of
> (gauNa) veda and (gauNa) vedAnta education. I find it odd that we tend to
> be much more vocal about one.
> When a sadhaka starts to make progress with a mantra, he will be able to
> recognize the roles that yamas and niyamas play. At that point, experience
> can be his guide. Until then, IMO, all of this (clothing etc) is just a
> glorified version of "dress up". To be clear, I'm not suggesting that yamas
> and niyamas don't play a role. On the other hand, I think they are quite
> useful and should be followed to the extent possible.
> sasneham,
>    ajit
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