[Advaita-l] Brief comparison of three great Acharyas....

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Here I compare three Great Acharyas of Sanathana Hindu dharma ...

Adi Shankarachaya :

1) His vision is full India :
He got followers from all four corners of india that can be easily seen
from his four amnaya peetham at four corners of india. He defeated in
debate,not only asthikas in vada,but also nasthikas like jains and
bhudhists.The most difficult thing, very cruial kapalikas also accepted his
vada.So,he can be called as Jagath guru.

2) He never said advaita accepted people are superior  to others.He never
said ,
only advaita leads to salvation or if you follow other path ,it take you to
eternal hell.
He just said we are sampradaya vadis.

3)He never blamed other philosophy gurus or its followers.Even though he
objected bhudhist view ,he never blamed bhudha.Even very nasthika charvaka
was also not blamed by him,only his view point is objected by shankara.That
is followed even by his followers.Because of this nature of shankara, no
advaithi blame bhudha or charvaka.they just object their philosophy.

4) Shankara never objected his guru govidha bagavath pada vada.He just
followed his guru,which is requirement of a vedanthi.

5) He took his mother's permission to become a sanyasi.He became sanyasi
because it is the symbol of sacrifice.And even he wanted to strengthen
sanathna dharma,so he came sanyasi.

6)his most of  followers were noble brahmins.

7) he never said he is avathar of some one or he never said I am superior
to others .But his followers say him to be avathar of shiva.

8) He said to treat all gods are equal,sever said some god is superior to
other god.or pray some god and neglect some other god.

this can be easily seen from his panchaitana pooja padhathi.

9) Without shankaracharya sanathana vaidika dharma would have vanished from
indian,by this time.Because of his effort sanathana dharma is still there
is india.
So,all brahmins of all sects should respect him.He brought unity among
brahmins by bringing them under single sidhanta.

10) He united the brahmins.

Ramanujaacharya :

1) His view is mainly tamilnadu and little karnataka.Even in tamil nadu
only few follow his philosophy .So,he cannot be called as jagath guru.

2)Even he never said his philosophy is superior to other philosophy or only
following his philosophy will lead to salvation.

3) He called shankara as prachanna bhudha,indirectly blaming shankara,the
preacher of advaitha philosophy.this is even followed by his followers.That
is why his followers don't respect shankara much.It is because of this
ramanuja's nature his followers won't respect shankara.

4) He went against this guru yadava preksha,and even thought he will kill
He even took sanyasa from no one which is against vedas which says one has
to take sanyasa from a guru.But ramanuja says he took sanyasa,but no one
guru  gave him sanyasa.

5) he din't even asked his wife's permission to become sanyasi,and became a
sanyasi.He became sanyasi just to show it as a fashion .Otherwise how can
he says himself as sanysi and still no guru to him to give sanyasa.

6) Most of his followers were vaishyas or baniyas and not brahmins.He also
spent lot of his life time with non-brahmins.

7) I think he said he is avathar of adi shesha. or avathar of lakshmana.

8) He said worshiping vishnu is enough.No need to worship other gods.

9) Even though ,Because of shankara ,sanathana dharma is still there in
india.He never thanked shankara for his great job,he just blamed shankara
as prachanna bhudha.

10)Because of Ramanuja there is no unity among brahmins in tamil
nadu.Iyengars and Iyers always fight among each others.

11) He divided the brahmins.

Madhvacharya :

1) His view is mainly karnataka, even in karnataka only few sects of
brahmins follow his philosophy.So,he cannot be called as jagath guru.

2) He said his philosophy is superior to other philosophy.He also said that
only following his philosophy will lead to salvation.Following other sects
will lead to eternal hell.He also called the one who preach other
philosophy is a devil.

3) He called other philosophers as devil.He directly called shankaracharya
as manimantha daithya in his book mahabharatha thatparya nirnaya .He says
with jealous of bhima sena ( madhva's previous birth) ,manimantha
(shankaracharya ) became shankaracharya  and thought wrong philosophy to
this world.Such a mean mentality madhva had.
Because of this nature of madhva ,even to day madhva's never respect
shankaracharya, even today  madhvas treat shankara as manimantha
daithya.This  madhva's ideology is just followed by his followers.

4) He went against his guru achutha preksha,even as a student. He never
listened to his guru,while he was teaching.Which is not a required behavior
of a vedanthi.

5) Even though his father objected him from becoming sanyasi,rejecting his
father's words ,he became sanyasi.He became sanyasi just because If he
become sanyasi then only people will follow him.Other why He wanted to take
sanyasa from advaitha sanyasi, as all advaithis are devils?......why
because he says he knows every thing from birth so,that he came to this
world to preach dvaita....

6) His followers are mostly brahmins.

7) He said he is avathar of vayu deva or he is avathar of hanumantha.He
said he is superior to all jeevas. He even said that ,He is the most
knowledgeable among all jeevas that no other jeevas have his equal or
higher jgnana (knowledge) or shankthi (power).

8) He said to not to treat all gods are equal.If we treat all god are equal
(Shiva and vishnus are equal)...we go to eternal hell.He said to treat
vishnu as superior to all other gods.
He said to worship all other gods just as  dammi gods ,just a
representative of vishnu.

9) Even though because of adi shankarachaya sanathana dharma is still there
in india,He never thanked shankara for this work.But he blammed
shankaracharya in bad words.

10) Beacause of madhva,there is no unity among brahmins in karnataka.
Madhvas and advaithis even fight today for their philosophy or for their
culture   and there is no unity among brahmins in karnataka .

11) He divied brahmins.

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