[Advaita-l] Brief comparison of three great Acharyas....

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Sat Apr 4 00:58:33 CDT 2015

Dear Srivatha,

anudvEgakaraM vAkyaM satyaM priyahitaM cha yat
swAdhyAya abhyAsanaM chaiva vAngmayaM tapa uchyatE ....BG 17.15

Here the "vAk-tapas" has been described as: 

One should speak in such a way that it doesn't agitate others, which pleasing, truthful, useful for others (Apta) etc.  One should always engage in "swAdhyAya" ie.

If the above quality in one's speech is not there, it is of no use even if one is a scholar.

This is also equally applicable to the blogger of "nArAyaNAstra".  I am sure he must be reading
this who claims himself to be a vaiSNava.  And also applicable to Sri.Srivathsa.

By abusing others, they are unaware that how much of sin it is getting accrued and 
getting accumulated in the form of "AgAmi-karma-phala".

srIrAma pAdukA mE gatiH..

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