[Advaita-l] Dvaita Vaada - Vadiraja Teertha's Nyaratnavali Slokas 25 - 26

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> For this advaithi's answer,
> Pragnanam brahma  (Brahman is knowledge) a mahavakhya says,Brahma and
> brahman jgnana are not different ,but brahma jgnana is very swarupa of
> brahman.
> So,one cannot differentiate between brahman and brahma jgnana.Brahma and
> brahma jgnana are one and same.
> So,there is no question of saying brahma is true,and brahma jgnana ,i:e
> advaitha tattva is false.

Thank you. This is the best answer.
> On Mon, Apr 6, 2015 at 11:44 AM, Venkatesh Murthy via Advaita-l
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>> Namaste
>> Here I am showing how Advaita is always misunderstood by people not
>> learning it through a Guru. The true meaning of Upanishad Sastra
>> Advaita is not possible without a Guru's grace but only
>> misunderstanding and confusion will be a result.
>> Vaadiraaja has written Nyayaratnavali with lot of objections against
>> Advaita.
>> In Sloka 24 he is taking example from Chandogya 'Sadeva Somya Idam
>> Agra Asit Ekam Eva Advitiyam'.
>> The Advaiti will say In the beginning this Universe was only Existence
>> and One without a Second Reality.
>> In Sloka 25 he is saying -
>> अतस्तवाद्वैतमेव द्वितयमभवद्बलात् ।
>> उपस्थितिपरित्यागे काराणाभावतः श्रुतिः ॥
>> Your Advaita Tattva itself will be a Second. Because you are saying
>> Only Brahman is real and there is no Second real thing. Your Advaita
>> Tattva statement is a Second thing. You cannot say other things are
>> Second but Advaita Tattva is not a Second. There is no reason to say
>> that.
>> In Sloka 26 and next line he is trying to deliver the wicket taking
>> Googly ball to the Advaiti -
>> द्वितीयमिदमेवादौ निषेधेदिति मे मतिः ।
>> निषिध्यमानद्वैतस्य बोधिका वागियं तव ॥
>> अतत्ववेदिकैवासीच्छब्दशक्ति विचारणे ।
>> I think you are saying there was no second thing in the beginning.Your
>> saying is denying Dvaita. But your saying itself is a Second thing. It
>> is meaningless and not giving the true meaning of the Upanisad Vakya.
>> Knock out Googly ball imagined by Dvaiti - You said there is no Second
>> thing after Brahman. But your sentence 'There is no Second thing after
>> Brahman' is itself a Second thing. You have to agree your sentence is
>> also unreal like other things in the Universe. Because it is part of
>> Universe only. Your sentence is meaningless and contradictory. It is
>> not the correct meaning of the Chandogya Vaakya.
>> Successful sixer hit by Advaiti - Kindly read Sankara Bhashya for this
>> Vaakya. Acharya has beautifully explained everything nicely. Taking
>> example of deep  sleep. In deep sleep there is no Dvaita. The entire
>> Universe has become One Existence. There is no second thing. After
>> waking up you will say 'There was no Second thing but only One
>> Existence'. This sentence is said in Waking. It has a meaning and
>> existence in Waking. In deep sleep there is no Sentence no Words.
>> Where is the contradiction here? It is a everyday experience of every
>> man woman and child. Six runs.
>> --
>> Regards
>> -Venkatesh
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