[Advaita-l] संक्षेपशांकरचरितम् - A short verse on Shankara's life

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> SrI mAtre namaH
> Namaste srI V Subrahmanian ,
> Thank you for the excellent sloka describing the life ( biography ) of srI
> shankarAcharya in  a single sloka .
> I would like to memorise the sloka for recitation and would teach this
> compact 'charitra' of bhagavatpAda to my youngers.Thank you again for the
> sloka .Kindly mention from where ( which treaties ) the sloka is taken and
> who is composer of this great sloka .


Someone told me that the verse was composed long ago by a Sannyāsin who
was  popularly known by the name 'bhāṣya swāmigaḷ'. He lived during the
times of Jagadguru Sri Chandrashekhara Bhārati Swaminaḥ of Sringeri.  If I
get more confirmed details I shall certainly let you know.

warm regards

> Regards
> Animesh
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