[Advaita-l] Dvaita Vaada - Vadiraja Teertha's Nyayaratnavali Slokas 397-399 Jahadajahallaxanaa

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Commentary - Vaadiraaja has conceded 3 consecutive sixes in 3 balls.
He is looking confused. Captain Madhvacharya is speaking to him. Two
other players Jaya Teertha alias Teeka Rayaru from cover and Vyasa
Rayaru from point have run to Vaadiraaja. The four are having a
discussion what ball should be next. One says it should be a bouncer
in line with the body. Another is saying it should be a slower off
cutter. Another is saying it should be an underarm delivery to prevent
one more six. Vaadiraaja is confused more now. He himself does not
know what ball he must bowl. He starts walking to his run up to bowl.

Slokas 397 - 399 are showing confused thinking of Vaadiraaja and his
ignorance of Advaita Doctrines. He is accusing Advaitis without
knowing the facts.

न हि गंगापदाल्लक्ष्यं नृशृंगं क्वापि कथ्यते ।
किन्तु प्रामाणिकं तीरं तथान्तर्यामिलक्षकम् ॥
अहमादिपदं स्याद्धि न त्वप्रामाणिकं वदेत् ।
अतः सर्वश्रुतिभ्योऽपि बहिर्भूतमभूदिदम् ॥
एवं चाश्रौतमैक्यं ते भेदश्रुतिरबाधिता ।
कथं न बाधते मन्द प्रतिद्वन्द्वविवर्जिता ॥

Nobody will take direct meaning for the sentence 'The village is on
Ganga' 'गंगायां घोषः' because a village on Ganga is like Man's horns.
It is not existing anywhere. But people will understand the village is
on the bank of Ganga but not on Ganga water. Similarly for shruti
sentences like 'I am Brahman' अहं ब्रह्मास्मि and 'You are That' तत्
त्वं असि the word 'I' अहं is indicating the Inner Controller
अन्तर्यामि and it is not invalid. Therefore the Identity Doctrine is
outside all Srutis. How can the valid Bheda Sruti Difference Doctrine
with no opposition not cancel the unVedic Identity Doctrine, you Fool?

The Bheda Doctrine is saying for the sentence 'I am Brahman' we cannot
take the direct meaning वाच्यार्थ. It is not like a simple sentence
'Bring the horse' अश्वं आनय. For this sentence the direct meaning is
correct. But for the sentence 'The village is on Ganga' the direct
meaning is not correct. Because a village cannot be directly on the
Ganga river water. It is impossible. The indirect meaning लक्ष्यार्थ
has to be taken. It means the villlage is on the bank of Ganga river.
Similarly for 'I am Brahman' and 'You are That' the direct meaning is
impossible. Because Jeeva cannot be Ishwara. It is impossible. The
indirect meaning is 'My Inner Controller is Ishwara' and 'Your Inner
Controller is That Ishwara'. This is the correct meaning. Ishwara is
the Inner Controller inside me and controlling me.

Advaiti Response - People learned in Advaita Doctrines have told me
this above method of Vaadiraaja is not correct for the Sruti Vakyas
like 'I am Brahman'. It is known as Jahallaxanaa. It is rejecting the
direct meaning totally and taking a indirect meaning. But the correct
method to follow is the Jahadajahallaxanaa.

In this Jahadajahallaxanaa method we have to take one part of the
direct meaning and reject one part. Example given is the sentence
'This is that Devadatta' सोऽयं देवदत्तः. You have seen a young man
Devadatta in Delhi. After 30 years you are seeing him again in
Varanasi. But he is old man now. His appearance has changed.But still
you have to say 'This is That same Devadatta'. If you follow the
Difference Doctrine seeing only difference in all things like a fool
you will say 'This Devadatta is different. That Devadatta was
different.' But it is a foolish and wrong statement. The correct
method is to accept one part of Devadatta and reject one part.  Reject
his outwardly appearance and take only his individual personality.
Then we can say he is the same person.

For the sentence 'I am Brahman' and 'You are That' also we have to
follow the same Jahadajahallaxanaa method. Ishwara is Universal
Consciousness and Jeeva is Individual Consciousness. The Universal
Consciousness is because of some Upadhis like being the Lord of all,
having all powers, having knowledge of all Sarvajnatva and so on. The
Individual Consciousness is also because of some Upadhis like having
limited power, limited knowledge and so on. But we have to reject the
Upadhis of both and take only Consciousness. Why? Because the Upadhis
are not real. Then both Ishwara and Jeeva are the same Consciousness.

It is like this. 'I am Brahman' and 'You are That' are saying

Individual Consciousness = Universal Consciousness

How can this be true? We cancel 'Individual' from Left Side and
'Universal' from Right Side. Why? Because they are Mithyaa only. Then
after cancelling 'Universal' and 'Individual' we have only
Consciousness on both sides. This is a true equation.

Ishwara is there because He is Universal He has Universal powers.
Jeeva is there because he has limited time and space and he has
limited powers. But all these Universal and Individual properties are
Mithyaa or Unreal. Without these properties Ishwara and Jeeva are only
Consciousness Cit. They are the same.

I request learned members to share more information on this.

There is one more method Ajahallaxanaa but it is not correct to follow
it for Sruti Vakyas like 'I am Brahman' and 'Tat Tvam Asi'. In this
method direct meaning plus something more is added to get correct
meaning. Example is 'Protect the rice from crows'. The direct meaning
plus also unsaid and implied meaning 'protect it from other birds and
animals like dogs' is the correct meaning. We have to protect rice not
only from crows but also other birds and animals.

Vaadiraaja has not understood Advaiti position. He is thinking
Advaitis are taking the direct meaning of 'I am Brahman'. But they are
not taking the direct meaning. They are not fools like he thinks.

Commentary - The confused Vaadiraaja has bowled a slower ball short of
length and outside the off stump. The Advaiti has easily hit it over
the Point boundary for another six runs. Point fielder Vyaasa Rayaru
can only stand still and watch it like a spectator.



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