[Advaita-l] On Shankara Jayanthi

kuntimaddi sadananda kuntimaddisada at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 23 09:13:15 CDT 2015

Sankara: Schholar,Savant and Saviour

" An exquisite thinker, a brilliant intellect, a personality scintillating with the vision of Truth, a heart throbbing with an ardent desire to serve the nation, sweetly emotional and relentlessly logical , in Sankara the Upanishads discovered the fittest spiritual general...... Be he in the halls of the Upanishad commentaries or in the temple of the Brahma Sutra expositions, in the amphitheatre of his Bhagvad Gita discourses or in the open flowery fields of his devotional songs, his was a pen that danced to the swing of his thoughts "
Swami Chinmayananda

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