[Advaita-l] Today Bhagavan Ramanuja Jayanti too

sreenivasa murthy narayana145 at yahoo.co.in
Fri Apr 24 07:40:34 CDT 2015

Dear Sri Sadanandaji,
  "Ramanuja has focused the issues for us to contemplate - that does not mean that one has to accept either Ramanuja's position or even Shankara's position, either vivarana's position or Bhamati's position, unless it is shruti, yukti and anubhava based."
       Sri Gaudapada says "avivAdO aviruddhaSca". Is there any thought-position which is based on Shruti, yukti and anubhava ? If YES, what is that?  Does it change from person to person or it is paramArthasatya which is EkarUpa?
I request you kindly to clarify these doubts of mine. Thanking you, with warm and respectful regards, Sreenivasa Murthy 



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