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On Sun, 26 Apr 2015, Animesh via Advaita-l wrote:

> Following passage from manusmriti ( 6th chapter 1-28 shloks ) describes 
> of vAnaprasthAShrama.

However it must be said that beyond what Animesh has shown there is not 
very much detail about vanaprasthashrama in dharmashastras especially 
compared to the voluminous discussions on brahmacharya, grhastha, and 
sannyasa ashramas.  Neither is there much historical or literary evidence 
for it whereas there is plenty for the other three.  In fact, one 
influential dharmashastra, the Nirnaya Sindhu says that vanaprastha 
ashrama is kalivarjya (inoperative in the Kali Yuga.)

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