[Advaita-l] Nepalis need help.

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Tue Apr 28 05:58:11 CDT 2015


With due respects to the moderators, I am posting this due tot urgency of the need eventhough it is out of the scope of the list. .

My Sambandhi, Shree Ram Sidhaye who is very much involved in many Hinduism related projects has sent me this note that one can contribute to Nepal relief fund without money going for administration and for religious conversions. 
Hari Om!
 Here is the link that my sambandhi with his recommendations for US doners without the money going for christian conversions.

In last 2 days, we all saw devastating pictures of disaster caused in Nepal after 7.8 Earth Quake.

We are also getting requests after requests to donate. It is always not a easy decision.

I just donated online at SEWA International link sewausa.org/donate

I selected:-

1) Nepal Earth Quake Relief as a project for my donation

2) Atlanta Chapter (I know the person who is in charge for this chapter)

So, I feel confident that my donation will go for the cause I desired.

Also, please check the following links of financial reports of SEWA :


Annual Reports

The following annual Reports are available (click on the year to see)

Annual Report 2013
Annual Report 2012
Annual Report 2011
Annual Report 2010
Annual Report 2009
Annual Report 2008

Please note that :

a ) organization's operational expenses are less than 10%.

b) organization shows expenses by project

This is the transparency that we all expect.

Please consider taking a step and do as you deem appropriate.



Hari OM!
Contribute to Sewa USA (IRS Tax ID: 20-0638718 ) | Sewa International USA
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