[Advaita-l] ***UNCHECKED*** Fwd: Weather Vedas are considered as false in ultimate reality?

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Namaste Sadanandaji

Yes, in Br.Up 4th chapter, bhAshya says ..tasmAd samprasAdasthAnam

It is Brahmeesthithi itself.

And, sushupti (unlike samAdhi) is a common experience to all and hence its
importance for manana in jAgrat, as there is no knowledge of anything other
than the mere existence present without any limitations (satA sampanno
bhavati or ekIbhUto bhavati).

By establishing avidyA and disregarding sushupti, we are losing a prime
drstAnta (one's own experience) for manana in jAgrat.

That said, there are many prakriyA's, where one appeals to some while
another appeals to others..


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> Ravi Kiranji - PraNAms
> Deep sleep is only absence of subject-object duality however there is an
> experience of avidyaa vRitti - as I do not know - It is akhandaakaara
> avidyaa vRitti - The happiness that one experiences is also only reflected
> happiness - with degrees of happiness of moda, pramoda etc that Tai. Up
> talks about. In Bri. Up - 4th Chapter the deep sleep state is discussed as
> though similar to moksha since there is not apparent duality. It is not
> experience of moksha since that involves freedom from all limitations.
> Since there is an experience of ignornace than knowledge, there is no
> freedom. Vidyaranya discusses the deep sleep state exhaustively in the
> Pancadasi 11th Capter. I had written sometime back a series of articles on
> - who slept very well..
> Hari Om!
> Sadananda
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>  deep sleep is an
>  experience of moksa (moksa-drstAntabhUtam)
>  Here, deep sleep experience is
>  reflected upon in jAgrat and hence its
>  importance for manana

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