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 If deep sleep is moksha,every day night I go to
 deep sleep..that means I will go to moksha every night...

In the matra 7 of Mandukya, the deep sleep state is negated as not real - na prajnaana ghanam. The experience of non-duality is there in deep sleep state as absence of subject-object duality -akhandaakara avidyaa vRitti as Vidhyaranya explains in Pancadasi - 11th chapter.

In Bri. Up - 4th chapter, deep sleep state is described as an analogy of the non-duality. However since there is no knowledge that can arise in that state, the ajnaani remains as ajnaani. What is required is knowledge as mantra 7 of Mandukya ends with the requirement that one has to enquire- ... sa vijneyaH. 

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