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Can it said that the Dvaitins seem to have outpaced  the Advaitins in publicizing the views of Madhusudana Saraswati (MS) in English, albeit to criticize MS ?
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> Neither of these two books is a complete translation of the advaitasiddhi.
> The first work referred to by Shri Chandramouliji is a brief summary of
> advaitasiddhi. The second book quoted by Shri Venkatraghavanji is a more
> detailed summary, but not a complete translation. Several subtle and/or
> crucial points might be missing here. There is no substitute,
> unfortunately, for reading and appreciating the original or at least an
> attempt to do so. However, I do agree that summaries could serve the
> purpose of motivating one to delve deeper into the text.
> A lesser known work in Sanskrit is the Balabodhini vyAkhyA by Yogendranath
> Bagchi. But even this work stops somewhere in the first pariccheda. I had
> seen this book, actually a 2 volume set, a long time ago in the New York
> city public library (of all places!), so my memory is a bit vague on this.
> Anand

I've got a good book of Advaitasiddhi with commentaries Gaudabrahmanandi, 
Vitthalesopadhyayi,Siddhivyakhya of Balabhaara and Critical summary called 
Chaturgranthi by Ananta Krishna Sastri of Primal Publications, Delhi.
The entire book with moola and commentaries are in Sanskrit.


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