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> Hari Om,
> Namaste.
> What is adhisthana devatA?

The Vedanta shastra has specified certain deities as 'presiding' deities
for various organs, constituents of our body.  Thus we have:

> Who are adhisthana devatAs?

Agni presides over vāk, sūrya for eye, etc.  The idea is, the blessing of
these deities is required for the proper functioning of these organs.
When, owing to the karma of the jiva, there is the withdrawal of the
blessing of that devatā, that particular organ ceases to function properly
or totally.  These devatās are also called abhimāni devatās.

If one lives a good life adhering to the do's and don'ts of the shāstram,
there is no need to say that all the devatās will be pleased and bless him.


> thank you and regards
> -- durga prasad
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