[Advaita-l] Pratyaksha is more powerful than Sruti and Smruti?

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Venkatesh Murthyji - PraNAms

I notice you are jumping from pratyaksha to paroksha.

When the parents are alive then they are pratyaksha daivams.. They  become important before any paroksha daivams since they are incarnation of the paroksha daivams only. 

When you taking about shraddha of the parents now you are taking about paroksha - for both parents and Ganesha.
Invocation of them is done during the Shraadhaa time. There is aavaahanam in essence along with aavaahanam of Vishnu also into the form of brahmana devata. 

Before they are served there is aaradhana of the other Gods which are invoked - at that time Ganaesha also is invoked whether it is Ganaesha day or not. Aaradhana is done even on Shraddham day before one serves the food to the Brahmins. 

In essence, I do not see a problem. Since Shraadhaa as ritual is done once in a year, that forms most important since Ganesha is invoked daily including on the Vinayaka day. 

My 2 c.

Hari Om!


I am trying answer a difficult question. Kindly help me.

In our Sastras they say Pitrus are Pratyaksha Devatas reference
'Maatrudevo Bhava Pitrudevo Bhava' and so on. Our Pitrus are visible
Gods. They are seen with Pratyaksha Pramaana. The Gods like Brahma,
Vishnu, Maheshwara are not Pratyaksha but known in the Sastra like
Purana, Veda and so on.

But what happens when there is a contradiction? My friend's father
expired on Ganesha festival day. When his yearly Sraddha comes on
Ganesha festival my friend has to do Vaarshika Sraddha only. There is
no Ganesha festival for him and his family. This means Pratyaksha
Pitru Devata is more important than Apratyaksha Devata like Ganapati.

Dvaitis can say this is showing Pratyaksha is more powerful than other
Pramaanas like Sruti and Purana. This is the Dvaiti's pet theory. If
Adaviti is saying Sruti or Smruti Purana is more powerful the Ganesha
festival must be celebrated on yearly Sraddha day. But only Sraddha is
performed and Ganesha festival is not celebrated.

How to answer this?

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