[Advaita-l] asti bhAti priyaM in Drg-drsya viveka

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Bhathi is light that is illumination.The object has to show that it is there.If it is an inert object then it's bhathi will be reflected light.Its capacity to reflect the light shone on it however poor it may be may be taken as its bhathi.Na thathra suryo bhathi na Chandra tharakam nema  vidhyuthothi  bhanthi   kuthoyam Agni:..........Sarvamidham vibhathi.This sloka speaks about bhathi which means illumination or light.
The object's existence is to be felt by any one of the five senses of the perceiving entity.This inherent thing in an object can be taken to mean bhathi .Priyam is the relationship developed between the object and the perceiver which is due to avidhya.
These three are adhidaivam aspects so to say.Nama and rupam are Jiva made.These are Maya oriented.This is what my understanding of the sloka.R.Krishnamoorthy.

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>> Then how does bhAti (in the verse) is explained? -- durga prasad
> One should understand the term bhAti as (anu)bhAti.
> The bhAShya to the question - kiM u bhAti vibhAti vA and its answer - taM eva bhAntaM anubhAti sarvaM (kaThA II.ii.14&15) will throw more light how - idaM sarvaM tasya bhAsA vibhAti.
> Hari Om! Pranipata 
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