[Advaita-l] asti bhAti priyaM in Drg-drsya viveka

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Sreenivasa murthyji - PraNAms.

Just some points to note:

1. Attma does not, cannot, and need not see itself, since it is one without a second. Its swaruupa is not knowing which involves action - it is pure knowledge - jnaana swaruupam or chaitanya swaruupam - which is nothing to do with knowing even though everything is known in its presence!

2. In the scriptural statement you quoted AtmanyEvAtmAnam paSyati - The two words aatma should have different meanings in view of the above.

3. Finally one can know oneself only via reflections - it is similar to - I can recognize the presence of original sunlight (saakshii)by looking at the luminous moon in the sky and RECOGNIZING OR REALIZING that the luminosity is due to sunlight that I cannot see otherwise other than via reflections. The same is applied to the mind that acts like a conscious entity or pramaata. 

4. Bhaati is also used in the same sense and hence Pranipataji made that statement since the SAT part of the inert is reflected as asti -  while the chit part is vai illumination by the conscious subject since existence of an object is established by knowledge of its existence.. Please think about it. The statement I think comes from Advaita Makaranda of Lakshmidhara kavi.

Hari Om!

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 Respected Sir,
       It is rather surpring to see that so
 much of unnecessary discussions, explanations, arguements,
 counter arguements-are going on about the undeniable vastu
 whose svarUpa is Knowing is Being & Being is Knowing,
 self-evident, self-established, AvirBavatirOBAvavarjita and
 AgamApAyirahita. YOU are that vastu. 
 one writes something YOU are illumining the words /
 sentences appearing as thoughts and putting those thoughts
 on paper. YOU exist PRIOR to the appearance of these
 thoughts which are being illumined by YOU. By pratyagdRuShTi
 one can realise this fact within oneself by oneself.
 Kathopanishad says : AvRuttacakShuH .Mother Sruti says :
 AtmanyEvAtmAnam paSyati ||Please do this sAdhana and see for
 yourself whether all these verbal exchanges are necessary or
 not. What a mystery that a simple fact like this is
 With respectful
 namaskarams,Sreenivasa Murthy

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