[Advaita-l] What is the definition of jIvA as per panchadashI?

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The Panchadashi has these definitions:

मायाधीन: चिदाभास: श्रुतौ मायी महेश्वर: ।

अन्तर्यामी च सर्वज्नो जगद्योनि: स एव हि ॥ (vi.157)

( The jiva is ‘subject to MaayA’ and Ishwara is the Lord of MAyA.  Ishwara
is the Indweller, Omniscient and the Origin of the Universe.)

In 8.27 Vidyaranya says:

buddhyavacchinna-kūṭstha who is capable of transmigrating ... Here we
get a definition of jiva.

[Immutable Consciousness that is limited by the intellect is jīva]

Maybe there are some more in the Panchadashi.



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