[Advaita-l] dhUrta kalpa of atharva veda  

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Sun Feb 1 08:14:20 CST 2015

SrI mAtre namaH 

Namaste SrI SharmA ,

You wrote " Why is Kartikeya called dhurta and why is he worshipped even after being a
Kindly notify  the word ' dhUrta ' is not a insulting word for Sri kumAra .

Following are reasons why he is called dhUrta. 

1) In north Indian tradition kumAra is considered as a bachelor god , who later broke the quoth of life long celibacy and   married devasenA ( shashthI ) .

2) He was considered ( historically ) as patron deity of thieves , looters , cheaters , gamblers and of all those frauds ( altogether called dhUrtas ).So since all dhUrtas worship him as their god the came to known as skanda dhUrta . 

3) In Tamize  story versions he for marrying Valli , took many forms ( old man , hunter , bangle seller ) and in form  of old man by doing cheat ( dhUrtatA ) he took promise from valli to mary him that's why he came to known as dhUrta .


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