[Advaita-l] What is the Advaiti response?

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Tue Feb 3 01:23:17 CST 2015


The words of parama pujya shri.chandrasekhara bharati mahaswamigal:


The advaita doctrine is enunciated from a plane which ordinary people cannot aspire to for many more births to come.  They have absolutely no right to approach it, much less to sit in judgement over it. As at present situated, most of us are far, far below hat stage.  Frankly speaking, it may take innumerable births for some of us to attain even the stage of the chArvAka, who thinks that the soul is no other than our physical body itself.



The tendency to neglect the wholesome doctrine that vedanta study is intended only for a competent is responsible for the confused thinking of modern days.  Everybody thinks himself competent and entitled to study the advaita and even to sit in judgement over it. This attitude must go and must be replaced by earnest endeavour first to secure the necessary competence.



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