[Advaita-l] The 'madhuvidyā' - Realization of the Nirguṇa Brahman.

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Namaste to all

Just to amplify the comments made that the blogger is completely unaware of the tradition and correct understanding accordingly to Shankara's tradition, I would give the following two references:

1) In Brihadaranyaka Vārtikā Sāra Swami Vidyāranya explicitly states the method followed is adhyāropa-apavāda:

Madhukāńde pravartate [BVS 1.1.8]

(note Vidyaranya Swami also explicitly uses the phrase adhyāropa-apavāda in Panchadashi)

The blogger misses this point entirely and therefore will not make any sense of the sampradayic understanding of Saguna Brahman.

2) Suresvara, whilst opening his vārtikā on BUB 2.5 with any invocation to Vishnu, states the following:

Pratideham layottpati 
Shruter hyātmani shankyate ।

Bhedo'tas tannivarttyartham
Madhutvenaikatochyate ।।
BUBV 2.5.10

To avoid the doubt from the Sruti that each body emerges and merges in atman could mean innumerable souls, to remove the (room for) such distinction the uniqueness of atman is stated through the concept of madhu. 

This refutes any interpretation that a supreme lord may somehow be responsible for the creation and merging of innumerable souls into Lord Visnu as an ultimate teaching 

Subramanian Ji feel free to use the above in any response to the blogger

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