[Advaita-l] ***UNCHECKED*** Re: The 'madhuvidyā' - Realization of the Nirguṇa Brahman.

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Sat Feb 7 01:50:50 CST 2015


Sri.Subbuji is doing yeoman service with his patient answers.

Sectarian people are bent upon criticizing Acharya Sankara whereas
people like Wendy Doniger, Prof.Zakir Naik, Mr.Suhel Seth 
are demolishing the base of sanAtana dharma.

If one listens to the lectures of Mr.Suhel Seth recently, the blood of 
every hindu would boil.  He says "every invasion into bhArata has brought 
civilization and culture".  

What more useless remarks can we expect from these pseudo-secular
rascals of India.  

The enemies of our sanAtana dharma are our Indians in general and hindus,
in particular !!

And the irony of the narayanastra blog is that without knowing the basic
knowledge of sanskrit, they are trying to judge Acharya Sankara and His
literature and went to the extent of judging the genuinity of Sankara literature
by studying a single book "narayaneeyam" of Shri. Narayana Bhattatri.
When I pointed out this comment to a sringeri tarka vidvAn who is friend of mine,
he was laughing.

mahAmAya viSwaM bhramayasi parabrahma mahiSi.....


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