[Advaita-l] The 'madhuvidyā' - Realization of the Nirguṇa Brahman.

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Namaste Sri Krishna ji,

Most of the questions can be answered by mods.

I would just like to add that we are all humans. We do not know the private
conversation between those authors and Sri Subramanian ji.

'Tolerance' is often exaggerated. Are we not told to defend our guru or if
not possible to leave the place? Is not Adi Sankara our guru? He is

Calling names, infact giving pet names like veera shaiva, etc is started by
those authors. Perhaps Sri Subrahmanian ji is publishing articles in his
real name, while these authors prefer to remain anonymous.

We can tolerate non-sense from them, but we cant tolerate our own. Least we
can ignore the responses from anyone here if we our thinking do not match
with anyone.

Whether these kind discussion is allowed or not is left to mods.

Mostly, people are not even aware of the core philosophies of dvaita and
VA, forget about the polemical debates. Surely such people will be
misguided if proper info is not given. They should know both sides of


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> Om!
> 1. I did not say, talking about 'Madhu Vidya' , as per Sankara Bhashya, is
> not pertinent to this list. Did I say?2. When 'useless' discussions are
> started by beginners or other misguided people, we can tolerate, with the
> thinking that they are still learning. But, should we allow the same
> attitude from the

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