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Irradiate Internal Enemy's:
In any sadhaka's Enemy’s are internal which arenothing but Kama(desire), krodha(anger),Lobha(greed), Mad & matsarya which obstructs the path. One has to have a higher desire then any howthe lower will loses its hold and that what Krishna tells in gita that one hasto irradiate the formidable energy in the form of desire by rising to thehighest desire which is nothing but self-realization lead to moksha.Krisha divides people into 3types, Tamasika, Rajasika & Sattvika.
The lowest, the tamasika helpshimself by taking the benefits of the society and doesn’t repay anything. Whereas Rajasika cooks for himself and looks acts for selfish, but actually inreality it doesn’t, result is stress and mental agitation.The sattvika works for higherideals, enjoys the echo of nature, fruits of Brahma yajna and evolves to thehighest goal of enlightenment.
An enlightened person has toidentify the svadharma, inner calling & core interests.As described by Jaya Row, in thepath of Dharma one has to fix a goal beyond our self fish interests which willbe toughest of its kind. Although SELF is the greatest barrier to excellenceand one should have a perfection in every one, in all thoughts, actions.
What one has to do is to getyourself out of the way – your ego, desires, selfishness and it is not so easyas written simple and to achieve this one has to give everything on amaterialistic plane. Then the higher ideals helps you tap into sources ofenergy which you never thought you had, creativeness automatically comes and onewill be accelerated at work.Lord Krishna gives theingredients of perfect action, as the intellect directs all thoughts to thechosen ideal, the mind feels for the goal and the body acts dynamically. Thiscreates energy which tends to dissipate the past worries, future anxiety andpresent frenzy. The intellect plugs this wasteful dissipation and this willlead to achieve success, happiness and spiritual evolution.
Desire is the greatest enemy forever to anybody. It devours you and causes mental agitation and stress. Desireis unquenchable, like fire. Trying to satisfy desire by fulfilling it is liketrying to extinguish fire with fuel and not with fire extinguisher. More overdesire mutates into other destructive forms like greed, delusion, envy andarrogance. Desire is the ONLY main obstacle in the path of Self-Realization which will may make the siddha purusha and leads to moksha 
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