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Srivathasa Rao - PraNAms

There is only one satyam - that is Brahman - which is the same as the self that I am- That which cannot be negated alone is satyam - trikaala abhaditam satyam.

Yes, buddhi is also mithya and therefore even chidaabaasa too - therefore the notion that I am jiiva is also mithyaa and the realization that I am Brahman is also mithyaa.Jeeva-jagat-Iswara all three divisions of that, which cannot be divided, are all mithyaa only since Brahman which has no sajaati, vijaati swagata bhedas alone is satyam.

Hence jnaani- ajnaani- this brahma or aatma jnaanam and aatma ajnaanam, including this discussion are all ontologically of the same order of reality - they are all real only at the transactional level - which includes all the jiivas and the lokas etc.

About the locus of Ignorance - There cannot be anything other than Brahman, since Brahman is infinite. Hence to a first order of discussion, the locus of ignorance is Brahman only. Yet there is no ignorance in Brahman -Both statements are not contradictory since ontologically Brahman and ignorance as well as it opposite knowledge are different orders of reality. Hence aatma is defined as jnaana swaruupam. Swaruupa jnaanam is different from vRitti jnaanam as Shree Subuuji already pointed out.

In Geeta Krishna makes one statement - mastaani sarva bhuutani - all beings are in Me. Yet immediately in the next sloka He says - na ca mastaani Bhuutani - There are no beings in Me. Both statements are correct although they appear to be contradictory. The order of reality or the reference state from which theses statements are made are different. Hence Krishna himself advises a seeker to gain this knowledge of Vedanta correctly by approaching  a sampradaya teacher who himself learned shaastras from his teacher, etc. Otherwise there will be the situation of blind leading the blind.

Bhagavan Ramanuja raises the above objections about avidya in his Shree Bhaashya. I have discussed elaborately these in the Advanced Vedanta series available on yu-tybe  under Acharya Sadaji along with many other topics. One can also open with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76XQXj_n-G8&list=PLWjpkY4mU2RAlFcTU_5G2a1trhbcZUedZ&index=86

Hari Om!

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According to
advaita bhudhi doesn't exist....as it is
mithya.... then how you say bhudhi has to
realize that it is nothing but brahman?what is
the locus of  ignorance ,surely not brahman as he is
jgnana....but except brahman nothing else exist..in this
world according to advaita.....then what is the locus of

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