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First, to be puristic,

1. there is NO "we" TO GET MOKSHA.

2. DHARANA only for INDRIA.  to know something is NOT real (sarpa), it is
needed to have same guna objects (rajju).  It is precondition for vichara.
Jeeva and Ishwara are subject for vichara.  Dharana comes out of limited
capabilities of indria, resulted bhudhi.  MOKSHA is a state were rajju is
understood as rajju but not sarpa.  Both jeeva and Ishhhwara are part of
creation cycle but what is beyond that may be (ZERO - NISHEDHA, EKAM - ONLY
ONE, ANEKAM - MANY BUT SAME). ANEKAM comes out of Guna bedam.. viyashti
guna - jeeva, samashti guna- ishwara..

3. ADWAITHA is not ONLY about EKA. Grammatically, ZERO,ONE and MANY but not
JUST TWO.  Conclusion ON these through vivekam is called Jgnana( Even to
the question of does number required?).

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> Sir,
>       Advaita says through knowlege ,we can attain moksham.....
> If this is true,then you have to accept athman has got jgnana DHARANA
> guna....
> If athman is nirguna that means athman doesnot have jgnana dharana guna....
> without jgnana dharana guna...how can we attain moksha through jgnana yoga?
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