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Dear friends.

Animeshji talked about many Atharvavadin brahimns switchng over to Shuklayajurveda. I was wondering as to what could be the reason.  

While the sage Yajnavalkya attained the Shuklayajurveda from Lord Surya, the status of the Atharva-veda was recognized by no less than Lord Shiva himself. Was then switch-over due to the desire of some of the atharvavedin brahmins to participate as priests in the Shrauta karmas and reaping  the consequent higher economic benefits ?

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 SrI mAtre namaH 

Namaste ,

SrI S.N.Sastri wrote "
 I would like to know whether thare are Brahmins who belong to Atharva veda." 

Yes there are handful brahmins who are maintaining  tradition of this atharva veda ( saunaka shAkhA ). My community is one of them .( smarta nAgara brahmins ) But unfortunately most of  this atharvavedin brahmins  switched to shuklayajur veda .( There are many reasons that can't be talked openly if you wish to known then kindly mail me personally )
According to my knowledge our family is single atharvavedin family in city of Ujjain. About 10-12 families in Gujarat are also maintaining saunaka shAkhA. Madhya Pradesh , and Gujrat have a tradition of saunaka shAkhA. 
In case of paippalAda shAkhA , Some brahmin villages in Orrisa are purely paippalAdins.They are maintaining paippalAda tradition and have number of followers more than that of our shAkhA. Orrisa , Jharkhanda, West Bengal have tradition of paippalAda shakha.

SrI bhAskar wrote
And I also want to know whether Shukla yajurveda has mahAnArAyaNa Upanishad mantra-s like in Krishna yajurveda.  In Krishna yajurveda mahAnArAyaNa up. Would come in AraNyaka portion.
No suklayajurveda don't have mahanarayana upnishada unlike of  krishnayajurveda. 
But a version is there for atharvan veda.And it is categoried in Upanishada .It have several patha bhedas , more mantras ( for example tila homa mantra ) , and sometimes less mantras  ( for example linga sthapana mantras ) than that of taittarIya version.


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