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  Dear Sir,             Ultimately I could able to collect a book on Prtyabhijna and thanks to JaladharJi and Sadaji for their views. Here Once I again i request any body to differentiate between Pratyabhijna & AVIDYA.I read many times and listened from many people saying that avidya is nothing but the excess knowledge, but in reality it is not true and there will n't be any excess knowledge at all. What I understood from Adi Shankara's works that avidya is nothing but the emptyness having everything in hand. Mandana Mishra's Tarka holds good most of the times if you could able to find the logical solution and if you couldn't able to do anything i.e I mean stabdhata scenario , it results in avidya which is nothing but Maya/illusion.Any learned members can comment or correct/Contribute their views.
As per the Prtyabhijan hridya , the first sutra goes like this:
CITIH- SVATANTRA- VISVA-SIDDHI-HETU Awareness, free and independent, is the cause of the performance of everything


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> Pratyabhijna means recognition of oneself. I am - + all activities that
> involve time, space and object wise limitations. I am- remains the same
> at least from birth to death while the BMI is changing. Pratyabhijna is
> recognition of myself as the very-existent conscious entity that does
> not undergo any change in spite of all changes in the BMI and the
> external world.

This would be one way to "vedantize" pratyabhiGYa but it is not very true 
to the original.  For Kashmiri Shaivas paramashiva is ever involved in 
change as depicted by His lAsya and tANDava dances.

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