[Advaita-l] Is it ok to worship a Shiva Linga, Shoola (weapon of Mother Parvathi) or Discus of Vishnu in the pooja room at home?

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Fri Feb 27 02:42:21 CST 2015


I have not heard of such restrictions. Even for Shiva panchayatana puja
sastrigal prescribe to use shiva linga.
In our home we use to do pooja and abhisheka for shiva linga daily. Sri
Devi with Shoola, I don't see any restriction on these as well.
There are upasakas who recite durga sapthasathi by worshipping different
iconography of Shri Durga with shoola. There are
numerous upasakas who worship Sri Maha Vishnu with shanka and chakra. Even
there are people who dedicately worship Sri Sudarshana.
But I have heard on one restriction by my gurunatha, that it is better to
avoid keep a idol of sri ugra nrsimha, Sri ghandabherunda nrsimha,
Sri pratyangira devi. The reason being while keeping these idols or
iconography pictures in pooja room one should maintain strict niyama and
follow the rules of Asaucha Khanda laid in dharma sastra to the core. I
have personally seen some upasakas of Sri Ugra Nrsimha or Sri Jwala Nrsimha
worshipping them with small idols. And they still follow strict achara
anustana and they are blessed by the deity.

So I don't see the comments made in the book are valid one.

There is a saying in Shiva Rahasya Ithihasa (book that describes the glory
of Lord Shiva) one who worships Lord Shiva in the form of Linga Swarupa
he will soon become himslef shiva (which means he realise the ultimate -


Om Namah Shivayah

Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Mahaswami Charanaaravindhabhyaam Namah

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> Dear All,
> Pranams/Namaskarams,
> I read in a Tamil book that one should not worship a Shiva Linga, or
> Shoola (weapon of Mother Parvathi) or Discus of Vishnu in the Pooja room at
> home. If one does so, wealth will not stay with him, that is, he will lose
> wealth. Is this correct? I worship a Shiva Linga and perform Abhishekam to
> it regularly. I do not do the poooja/Abhishekam in the pooja room, but in
> the balcony of my flat. Is that ok? Or does the prohibition of the pooja
> room include the balcony also? I am confused about this and would like to
> be enlightened by knowledgeable members of this board. Let me add that I
> definitely feel great joy in performing abhishekam to Lord Shiva, but this
> statement in the book has confused me. Please note that I do not have time
> or the opportunity to go to the temple everyday and perform abhishekams.
> Thanks in advance for the clarifications. Ramesh Ramanan
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