[Advaita-l] Appayya dhikshitar's attempt for debate with vijayendra thirtha

Harsha Bhat harsha9519 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 1 01:18:10 CDT 2015

Recently  while I was arguing with madhva pandith,

                 He said that appayya dikshitar was always trying to pull
vijayendra swamiji  for debate over dvaitha and advaitha.But appayya
dikshitar lost debate always.

At last getting irritated by appayya dikshita's calling for debate,he wrote
a book by the name
Appayya kapolachapetika ,where he says how dummy the points of appayya
dikshita,while saying advaitha is correct and shiva and vishnu are same.But
vijayendra swamiji always used give respect to appayya dikshitha.

My question is ,is it true that appayya dikshita was always loosing debate
with vijayendra thirtha?

That madhva pandith  says it is well proved that debate took place, in fact
whole vijayendra thirtha's life was filled with argument   with appayya
dikshitha.Hence you cannot say that debate din't take place at all as you
say vidhyaranya ,akshobhya thirtha debate din't took place at all.

I saw many vidhwans  in this advaitha list quoting the points of appayya
dikshithar while,explaining advaitha.

So,Please put some light on this part....

Harsha Bhat

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