[Advaita-l] Knowledge of Brahman

Venkatraghavan S agnimile at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 00:32:33 CST 2015

Sri Harsha,

You said:

"In dwe suparne matra says even in moksha there are two birds,So,according
to vedas only second bird (Bhudhi) exists even in moksha"

This is not true. Not every statement in VedA is a mahAvAkya talking about
paramArtha satyam. The dvA suparNa mantra refers to vyavahAra only, where
the second bird (chidAbhAsa) is apparently engaged in activities, while the
first (kUtastha) is the the silent sAkshi. This mantra does not talk about
their aikyam explicitly, but that doesn't mean that their aikyam is not
true.  There are several other vAkyams that talk about aikyam, which is the
ultimate reality, or as you say, "what exists in moksha".

In general, bheda vAkyas can be reconciled with abheda (the former as
vyAhArika satya, and the latter being the pAramArthika satya), but if you
take bhedA as ultimate reality, the abhedA vAkyas will be rendered
meaningless, and no VedA vAkya can be dismissed as meaningless.

In interpreting Veda mantras one needs to consider the VedA as a whole,
because if one statement/mantra is taken in isolation it may lead only to a
partial understanding, sometimes even a wrong one.


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