[Advaita-l] chaNDi paradevata swarupa

sundar velen sundar230 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 00:56:28 CST 2015

Dear VenkatSriram ji

Your article on Chandi path was very informative and useful. But i have a
doubt on this.Request you to clarify.

My understanding is that doing upasana of any one form of Amba is enough to
attain Siva swarupa. All the forms of amba are powerful to remove ashtha
pashas.But you mentioned that each matrika removes only one type of bondage
as below.Ideally all the forms like varahi or chamundi have power remove
all the pashas and provide a sadhaka a clean mind to reach Nirvikapa

Is it not possible?if so why?


Mahasaraswathi severs these 8 pasas / bondages with the help of
her 8 aspects of Vidya Vrittis of Ashta (8) Matrikas and grants
the swa-swarupa jnana. She manifests these 8 vidya vrittis, each
vidya vritti severing each of the Pasa / bondage. Thus, her 8 hands and the
weapons she holds are meant to sever the 8 bondages. Her 8 vidya
murtis or 8 matrikas are:

1) Brahmi 2) Maheshwari 3) Kaumari 4) Vaishnavi 5) Varahi 6) Narasimhi
7) Indrani 8) Chamunda

Unless, these 8 bonds are severed, the sense of I-ness and My-ness
that are Shumbha and Nishumbha (these qualities are the two sides
of same coin and hence they are brothers) would be conquered,
which is a barrier to become Siva Swarupa.



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