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Fri Nov 13 15:45:11 CST 2015

Logged in to yahoo after a brief hiatus & truly saddened to hear about the passing away of two of the giants of this e-group - Shri Shastriji & Shri Pranipataji
My prayers to the departed souls that they bless us, and to Ishwara that their souls find mergence with the Absolute ere long. 
A palpable sense of loss is coupled with a reminder, if one was ever we needed, of the fragility of human life, and a rededication to our own sadhana given the severely limited time we all have to fully & most optimally utilize this rare human birth
Pranams to all 
Hari OM

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> Namaste
> Forwarding a message intimating the sudden death of Sri Pranipata Chaitanya
> ji, an Acharya at the Chinmaya Mission, Cunnur, Tamil Nadu.  He was a
> member of this forum (Advaita l).
> subrahmanian.v
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> Ram - I just saw in my email.
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> Hari om.
> This is to inform you about a sad news.
> Br. Pranipataji has passed away yesterday morning due to massive heart
> attack at the ashram around 5a.m.
> The final rites will be done here in coonur today around 10a.m.
> Kindly pray for the departed soul.
> This mail is coming you from the kothagiri ashram.
> Since your mail address was sent to me during the month of May regarding
> your contribution for ratha yatra book in Tamil I got your mail.
> In the service of The Lord
> Shridharananda
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