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We are doing on web the pachadashi Ch. 1. Today's topic is related to panchakoshas and Vidyaranya says that by panchakosha vitekena one can realize the highest. The talks are available at 


These will be soon available on yu-tube.
As Sunilji mentioned the panchakosha viveka is discussed in Tai Up as Varuna teaches his son- BRigu. 
Hari Om

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 I will suggest you to
 read the Taittiriya upanishad to know about the Koshas. One
 who has got the knowledge of the paramarthica satya, rather
 experienced thatĀ  truth, is liberatedĀ  forthright and
 there is not an iota of doubt, but one is still in his body
 (of the five koshas). The body will take its own time to
 leave and one will have to be alert that one remains
 sthiraprajna, or else one will fall back into the clutch of
 Maya. To understand the Shruti properly one has to 
 study the Ffifth Veda, so says the Mahabharata.
 The Fifth Veda is replete with cases where the Jnanis fell
 in their weak moments. Once one is Videhamukta the process
 of Moksha is complete. 

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