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Forwarding Sri Subbu-ji's msg explaining the use of "sarvajna" to the
forum, with his permission.

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>> "If it is nirguNa Brahman in both places, why did AchArya use the
terms सर्वज्ञः and सत्त्वोपाधिरीश्वर:?"
>> In mundaka bhAshyam, I suppose by sattva in sattvopAdhirIshvara:, he is
keeping in mind, the PRB vakyam referring to the first bird as sattvam, or
mind, and not shuddha sattva guNam.
>> Therefore, by sattvopAdhirIshvara:, AchArya means Ishvara (nirguNa
Brahman / kUtastha) that has sattvam (mind) as his upAdhi, and not he who
has shuddha sattvam as upAdhi, that (saguNa) Ishvara .

That is great!! Even as I was going thru your earlier post on this word
'sattvopAdhirIshvara' I was thinking of the very meaning you have stated
above.  Great kalpana.

>>  That still leaves sarvagya:. Any thoughts?

In the kārikā of 4.89 we have the word sarvajñatā for which Shankara is
giving a unique meaning:

ज्ञाने च त्रिविधे ज्ञेये क्रमेण विदिते स्वयम् ।
सर्वज्ञता हि सर्वत्र भवतीह महाधियः ॥ ८९ ॥

परमार्थसत्ये तुर्ये अद्वये अजे अभये विदिते, स्वयमेव
आत्मस्वरूपमेव सर्वज्ञतासर्वश्चासौ ज्ञश्च सर्वज्ञः, तद्भावः सर्वज्ञता   Here
the word sarvajna means not omniscient as is usually taken but it means
pure consciousness. He is using a karmadhāraya samāsa to break the word:
'He, the enlightened person, is 'all', 'everything' (vāsudevaḥ sarvam) and
also 'jña' = pure consciousness. In Taittiriya 'satyam jñānam anantam'
Shankara says for the middle word: jñapti, objectless consciousness, in
other words, nirguna brahman. So, the word 'sarvajna' in the stated Mundaka
mantra bhashya is: Nirguna Brahman, verily pure consciousness.


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