[Advaita-l] Who is this Angustha Parimana Purusha?

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>From : H.N.Sreenivasa MurthyPranams to all.
Dear Participants,     Does the word " AnguShTha parimana puruSha " refers to Atman? In the mantra 2-3-17 of Kathopanishad, the same word appears. The mantra reads as :"aMguShThamAtraH putuShaH antarAtma     sadA janAnAm hRudayE saMniviShThaH |"
Do the word in the two mantras refer to the same vastu or different vastus?
With warm and respectful regards,Sreenivasa Murthy.

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Sri Praveen Ji,

I was also curious to know the source for the explanation for the
Chinmudra. Person and the work where it first found a mention. Any thoughts
on that ??

Pranams and Regards


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