[Advaita-l] Who is this Angustha Parimana Purusha?

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Sun Apr 3 12:03:43 CDT 2016

Venkat ji, Its possible that both are referring to different things then.
Ramana's comments about Hrdaya were not regarding any Upanishad as such.
But I correlated it with the Upanishad concept of Angushtamatra. I have
also read Sri Aurobindos writings on Angushta Purusha. From Upanishad in my
reading it is clear that Angushta Purusha does not lie in physical heart
but is a reference to center of individuality where Buddhi manifests. This
Buddhi otherwise called Chaitya Purusha is itself Angushta Purusha.
Angushta in many a sense similar to Hiranyagarba. Just as Hiranyagarna
manifests from Mula Prakriri so also Anghusta Purusha manifests from the
space in heart which is refers to Maya.

Please correct him again if I am at fault.

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> Namaste Nitinji,
> ///
> Ramana Maharshi says it is to the right side of our chest
> (as opposed to physical heart which is towards left).
> //
> Traditional scholars differ with the above.  In-fact, दहरपुण्डरीक​ is said
> to be
> in the physical heart.  This is what I am told by couple of traditional
> scholars
> who studied in Sringeri.
> regs,
> sriram
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