[Advaita-l] Jagadguru Speaks: Be Ever Intent to Help

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>> Some render help only when sought. Otherwise, they will remain quiet.
>> This is acceptable to some extent. But some will not help even if they are
>> aware of the suffering of others who seek help. They will turn a deaf ear
>> and ignore it. They are called adhamas or inferior people.
>>   uttamo.apraarthito datto madhyamaH praarthitaH punaH .
>>   yaachakairyaachyamaano.api datto na tvachamaachamaH ..
> The spelling at the end is to be:  tvadhamaadhamaH

But we can see people are not coming forward to help in road accidents
because they are afraid of police and legal consequences if they help.
It is unfortunate because Govt of India has passed notification to
prevent any legal complications and giving assurances to people
helping accident victims. Kindly see -

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