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Hari Om, sriramji.

Atmajnaanopadeshavidhi is certainly a good prakaraNa grantha. However, 
authorship has always been an important topic among Vedantins, since it 
is directly linked to the issue of shraddhA.  If I know a text is by 
Shri Shankaraachaarya, my level of shraddhA reaches 100% immediately.

In spiritual matters, it is very important to know who has written the 
text. Talks by Osho, Brahmakumaris or even modern day adherents of 
Saamkhya and Yoga can be very attractive if you don't know which 
philosophy is being expounded, and one can easily get misled.

Similarly, even among Vedantins, you should know something about the 
background of the author.  For example, whether the author follows 
Dvaita or Advaita.  Even in Advaita, different Advaitic writers have 
different views of the jiiva, some subscribing to pratibimbatvam and 
others to abhaasa vaada, to name but one example.

Hence I consider it important to know who the author of a text is.

_So to repeat the original question: Does anyone know if the 
Atmajnaanopadeshavidhi has been written by Shri Shankaraachaarya__?_

Anil Gidwani.

On 04-Apr-2016 11:38 PM, "advaita-l at lists.advaita-vedanta.org via 
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> Namaste,
> You question seems something like this:
> When Vishnu appears, instead of prostrating before Him, one tends to test
> the purity of Kaustubha he wears and asking the percentage of carats of Gold the
> ornaments consists of.
> Read the book and grasp the essence of it.  It is a good prakaraNa grantha.
> regs,
> sriram
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