[Advaita-l] Who is this Angustha Parimana Purusha?

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नमस्ते श्रीयुत-श्रीराम-महोदय,

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> नमस्ते प्रवीण महोदय !
> I don't know about malayalam work but सीतोपनिषद् doesn't mention
> anything about this.
I had also looked up once and tried to search Sitopanishad in vain, but I
thought then too that Bhagavan Ramana surely must have had some basis to
say so. Today I spent some time and found something substantial:

प्रलयावस्थायां विश्रमणार्थं भगवतो *दक्षिणवक्षःस्थले*
श्रीवत्साकृतिर्भूत्वा विश्राम्यतीति सा योगशक्तिः ।
The power of desire is threefold. At the time of retraction, for the
sake of rest, when She rests on the right side of the Lord's chest,
in the shape of Srivatsa, She is the power of Yoga.


> There is a mention of the abode of Yoga Shakti to be the
> दक्षिणवक्षस्थल​ of Bhagavan in the form of "srIvatsa"
> इच्छाशक्तिस्त्रिविधा प्रलयावस्थायां विश्रमणार्थं भगवतो दक्षिणवक्षःस्थले
> श्रीवत्साकृतिर्भूत्वा विश्राम्यतीति सा योगशक्तिः
> सस्नेहं,
> श्रीराम

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