[Advaita-l] [advaitin] Why only jagat is mithya and jeeva is brahman !!??

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In (BSB 3.2.21), Shankara says "tayA cha avidyA bAdhyate,  tatashcha
avidyAdhyasta: sakaloyam *nAmarUpa prapaNcha: svapnaprapanchavat
pravilIyate*" - "as a result of that, this whole manifestation of the
*world as names and forms* superimposed by ignorance is negated like things
seen in a dream."

If world as names and forms is subject to bAdha, jagat AkAra must be mithyA
too. What is jagat AkAra if not form?
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> Namaste all,
> I couldn't resist sharing this, especially with many silent readers of the
> list, hence the mail.
> Coincidentally, I came across a statement by Bhashyakara in
> kenopanishadbhAshya under 1.5 yadvAcA... where he clearly explains why
> Shruti uses specific words and repeats the idea in the same mantra to
> categorize what exactly is brahman and everything else as *not brahman*.
> तदेव ब्रह्म त्वं विद्धि इत्युक्तेऽपि नेदं ब्रह्म इत्यनात्मनोऽब्रह्मत्वं
> पुनरुच्यते नियमार्थम् अन्यब्रह्मबुद्धिपरिसंख्यानार्थं वा ॥
> tadeva brahma tvam viddhi ityukte api na idam brahma iti anAtmanaH
> *abrahmatvam* punaH uchyate *niyamArtham*
> *anyabrahmabuddhiparisaMkhyAnArthaM* vA. Even after saying "may you know
> that alone as brahman", again (by Shruti) *abrahmatvam for non-self/ jagat*
> is asserted so: "not this as brahman" for the purpose of *restriction* or
> for the purpose of *exclusion of brahmabuddhi in other/ jagat*.
> There cannot be any clearer words than this to say that "anything other
> than upAdhirahitAtma/ adjunct-free self" =jagat is mithyA, Bhashyakara says
> that the intention of the Shruti is to convey anAtmanaH abrahmatvam.
> gurupAdukAbhyAm,
> --Praveen R. Bhat
> /* Through what should one know That owing to which all this is known!
> [Br.Up. 4.5.15] */
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